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We are here to answer your questions with no strings attached. We offer a FREE consultation to help you understand what having a caregiver in your home will look like.

Home Care Services


Non-Medical Care

We are here to help you enjoy your activities of daily living, even though your abilities may look different than they used to. We help you find new ways to take care of yourself while offering as much assistance as needed. You are in charge of your care and we are here to help in whatever way makes you comfortable. We can help you re-imagine a new way to get things done and to find new enjoyments that fit with your current abilities and desires. 


​All of our services are non-medical. This means we can not administer medicine but we can give reminders to take medication at the appropriate times. If you are unsure if the service you need falls under medical or non-medical, give us a call and we can discuss. We provide great referrals for services we can not offer.


Activities of Daily Living

These activities include but are not limited to;

​Companion Care / Meal Prep / Transportation / Errands / Light Housekeeping / Laundry / Toileting / Peri Care / Bathing / Dressing / Bed-Bound Care / Dementia Care / and more

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