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Sierra Nevada's
Trusted Source of
In-Home Care Services

About Care-ets Homecare


Michele Jajeh, the founder and owner of Care-ets Home Care, named the company after her mother-in-law, Michele Carette. Born in Quebec, Canada, she spent her life caring for others as a loving nurse, caring wife and an amazing mother to eight children

Michele Jajeh started her career as a young woman working as a CNA in a skilled nursing facility. She learned that this is what she was meant to do, and devoted herself to learning and growing in all aspects of home care, including; operations, human resource, business development, hiring and managing a large team of employees, and more. Michele is delighted to offer exceptional care with her team of dedicated caregivers to the Sierra Nevada community. 


About our staff... we all share the same core values of caring for and serving others, its in our DNA. Our biggest desire when we enter a home, is to bring light and joy to those we serve. We truly enjoy what we do and are very attentive. You won't find us on our phone or denying a reasonable request. We are here to make your life easier and better!

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